Wow!!!  If you are experiencing transition in the workforce and need a resume...Coach Chi is your "Go-To".  She revamped my resume and put me on the path to a new destiny.  She is reliable and timely in producing a quality product.  Thanks Coach Chi!

C.M. - 11/25/2019


I am in the beginning stages of my coaching sessions with Coach Chi. I absolutely love my time with her because she allows me to be free and open. She gently guides me in the direction that I need to go for a positive future and breaks down negative walls that I've created to protect my heart. She is great, kind and gentle. I'm excited for what's to come!

C.H. - 04/09/2019

Before I started seeing Coach Chi, I had entertained the idea of using a life coach for months but after reading bio after bio, nobody seemed like the right fit. When I stumbled across her website, however, I immediately became intrigued and figured I'd give it a shot! After the very first session, I realized by choosing to use Coach Chi, I was making a life-changing decision...for the best! Each time I've gone, she has challenged me to be the best version of myself and has given me a positive outlook on my life! This is one of the best investments I've ever made and I highly recommend anyone seeking to make positive and productive changes in their lives to use Coach Chi!

T.H. - 04/09/1029


Coach Chi is an amazing woman who will give you the tools for you to see yourself as God sees you.  That is what she did for me.  I met her in November 2017 and I was broken, hurt and angry at God.  When I sat in her office that first day, I realized I finally had somebody in my corner who noticed my paid and struggles; she didn't judge me for it either.  She is a gift from God.  She doesn't do the work for you, but she provides you with the tools that God has given her to help others heal.

O.L. - 02/15/2019

What our customers are saying

I had my resume revamped by Coach Chi. She was very professional and efficient! The resume was AMAZING she revised my objective, removed information that no longer had relevance and restructured it for a more easy read. I have been using this resume and have received more views and an increase in future career prospects!

Thanks Coach Chi.  You ROCK!

C.H. - 01/20/2019


If you're ready to take your life to the next level, it's time to get started with Coach Chi! She is an amazing speaker and coach who will help you optimize your life by providing you with the right guidance and support.

R.K. - 09/10/2018


Professional, stupendous, excellent, exceptional and positive, are just a few words that come to mind when I think of the services I received from Coach Chi! She has a very professional demeanor when assisting her clients and always has a positive attitude during our sessions. Proven results is what I received. After receiving her help with my a resume revision and coaching me on my interviewing skills, I received a promotion within three months! She showed me how to highlight my accomplishments and experiences. Things that I thought were no big deal now have a spotlight on them and this was the extra boost I needed. I would recommend her to anyone! Resume Writing, Career Coaching as well as Life Coaching...you are sure to succeed with her help!

P.W. - 08/15/2018


It is my privilege to write Coach Chi a review!  She has excellent coaching and mentoring skills.  Coach Chi has the unique ability to recognize and solve complex personal/professional issues in an individual and group setting!

C.H. - 04/01/2018


I initially just wanted to support a former classmate and fellow business owner; attempting to contribute to her success.  I was not looking for employment at all.  But once I saw my NEW and IMPROVED resume and cover letter, I IMMEDIATELY began submitting applications and copies of my new resume all over the place, with a renewed focus and interest in taking my career to newer heights!  THANK YOU COACH CHI!

S.H. - 11/13/2017


It took me a while to find myself after an overdue breakup.  I found a Life Coach that helped me through the hard times when I forgot who I was.  My Life Coach passed away unexpectedly from cancer.  I looked high and low for someone to replace her and it wasn't an easy task.  I found Coach Chi, saw she looked like me and I ran with it!  I couldn't be happier!  She has pushed me to the next level.  She has shown me that it's more to life than working a corporate job!  She has pushed me off the cliff to expand my entrepreneurial efforts and I am so happy she did!  She gives me tips and tricks during each session to push me to the next level of my business an it's truly a blessing.  Thank you Coach Chi for all that you do for me and every other young woman in the community!

N.K. - 10/26/2017


Coach Chi and I have known each other since birth.  Due to my recent situation, I was in need of a resume.  I dread the idea of dealing with resumes, but after talking to Coach Chi she made me feel like I could conquer the world!  My revamped resume has all types of jobs calling me.  My resume makes me feel like running for president someday!  If you are looking for anything regarding Employment Coaching, Coach Chi is the person for you.  I love you and thanks again!

K.P. - 10/25/2017

What our customers are saying

When I first met Coach Chi, I knew she was someone special.  Her spirit was so bright!  However, I didn't want to get too close after she shared what kind of work she did; I wasn't sure if she could see the pain through my smiles.  My fiancé scheduled an appointment; I went in with a smile thinking I wouldn't tell all of my business LOL.  From the moment I walked in, she set the tone of safety and patience.  I realized I had never really had someone (other than my fiancé) REALLY listen.  She validated my thoughts, helped me recognize my strengths and activated my self worth.  She gave me 'homework' and checks on me regularly.  She helped me realize that I am the key to my freedom and success.  My past is just that; it doesn't dictate my future.  She is so genuine and nurturing.  I am stronger, better and happier because Coach Chi helped me to see my true self. 

Thank You Coach!

C.S. - 10/18/2017


We are not only school mates since elementary school, but you have proven to be a thorough and committed fellow business owner.  Because of my combined 16 years of pastoring, owner of 2 salons and being a police officer, I never needed a resume (or should I say I never felt the need to have one).  To be quite honest, I dreaded ever having to prepare a resume because I didn't know where to start with all of my experiences. The testimonials on Coach Chi's website regarding her services and work are true. I was very impressed by her response to the urgency of my e-mail.  I will share your information with others, especially my congregants.  Many thanks for helping me! I am so very pleased with my resume and cover letter.  It was an effortless process with a reasonable price!  Next stop...Connecting you with my women's ministry and having career day for my young people! Thanks Chi!

M.F. - 09/14/2017

What our customers are saying

Coach Chi is an astonishing Coach and person.  Her smile is so warming.  She excellently combined her knowledge, compassion and willfulness of her proven skills and techniques to ensure I am working towards my goals physically, emotionally and cognitively.  I never had or heard of Life Coaching.  I reached out to her after seeing one of her social media posts.  That was the best thing I could have ever done for myself!  She has been there for me so much in so many ways.  I was so broken when I first spoke with her and was dealing with so much. Coach Chi, you have made a difference in my life.  Thank you so much for the many things you have taught me over these past few months.  I am truly grateful and I look forward to reaching my goals with you!

L.S. - 09/13/2017


As a young woman with very little professional experience, it was challenging to find a job.  All of Coach Chi's tweaking to my resume and interview tips have put an end to my job search. I was hired two days ago after applying everything I was taught in one session! Thank you Coach Chi for helping me believe in myself!

N.W. - 08/02/2017

What our customers are saying

First of all, when I say I am serious when it comes to my privacy, I mean just that! I would not have ever thought I would be sharing ANYTHING with another female in my life LOL. But, because of the ANOINTING gift placed upon this woman's life, you feel as if you are speaking to one of God's angels. I opened my mouth and the tears started flowing before I knew it LOL. I TRUST her to the fullest and would recommend ANYONE to sit on that couch...even the men! Thank you Chi for accepting your true calling! I AM THE PRIZE, I AM WORTH IT!

V.W. - 07/21/2017


I had recently experienced a job loss for the first time in my life with a career I had been in for most of my life. I was feeling lost and afraid. I'd ask myself "How do I put myself back out there?" "Where do I start?" After speaking with Coach Chi she gave me words of encouragement and the motivation to get back out there and claim what was mine! She helped me revamp my resume and gave me the confidence I needed to make a new career move. Thank you Coach Chi!

M.P. - 05/14/2017

What our customers are saying

I truly appreciate the boost Coach Chi gave to my bland, generic resume. All of the tips and wording changes she suggested helped to make me not only a more appealing candidate on paper, but made my resume standout; along with all the additional pointers as far as the follow up and interview coaching. They all have played a part in my future advancement. Thank you!

C.D. - 05/10/2017

As a 'mature woman' you may have that "been there, done that" attitude; thinking you can figure things out on your own.  I was faced with some life altering changes; one included a career change.  I had not updated my resume in years.  I reached out to Coach Chi for assistance.  We talked about my goals and where I saw myself professionally.  I was impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge with resume writing and creating portfolios!  Coach Chi was such as huge help.  I truly believe my resume is what set me apart from other applicants.  I was hired with the company I desired!  Thank you Coach Chi for being there for me!

S.K - 05/06/2017

Chi has been an amazing person in my life since day one. Beginning as a facial client with me, I always looked forward to seeing her. No matter what, Chi had a wonderful disposition and always had positive things to say. Fast forward several years later, we have established an awesome relationship and I'm glad to be able to call her my friend....and Now Coach CHI! I'm so excited that the love and care she has always shown me is being offered to others in this capacity. She is a blessing in life for sure! 

K.L. - 04/09/2017

I have not known Coach Chi for long, but it feels like I have known her for years. An exchange of phone numbers, so I could check on her, turned into her seeing about me. To have someone know part of your story and still want to be around speaks volumes to me. Chi is the type of woman that will talk with you but she will NOT take sides. She makes you own up to your 'mess' before tackling anything else. For that, I have the utmost respect for her. Thank you for working with me and coaching me into a better woman. 

J.B. - 01/10/2017

I reached out to Coach Chi because I was struggling with a lot of anxiety and needed guidance. The guidance that she has provided me with has been life changing and I thank God everyday for leading me to her. Coach Chi's bright and welcoming personality helped me to open up and talk about some deep rooted issues that I've struggled with for a long time. She is not judgemental and is a great listener. She has helped me grow mentally and spiritually by helping me become aware of negative influences and bad habits that I was never aware of previously. Coach Chi is a life changer....a lantern providing much needed light into my life. 

K.D. - 12/5/2016

Coach Chi truly is a gem and friend. Even before she began her new journey, she has always been a voice of reason; helping me to maneuver through the good and bad times of life. Coach Chi has assisted me to not only become a better woman over all, but a better mother as well. She is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to people who only want to tell you what to do instead of helping you to be able to navigate through the pros and cons with making important decisions (that you have to live with) yourself. The way that she speaks to you lets you know that you really do matter and she wants to see you be the best that you can be. 

 C.D. - 11/15/2016