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Prize & Shine Presents!

Coach Chi is very passionate about her philanthropic purpose.  In celebration and acknowledgement of Coach Chi’s birthday (June 25th), she started Prize & Shine Presents - Christmas in June. It helps deserving young ladies (high school seniors) who have been accepted/attending college. 

 With monetary donations, laptops and other necessities are purchased to encourage the recipients and lighten the financial load for their caregivers. 

 (Donation Dates:  March 20th – April 5th).  *Dates May Vary*

Operation Flow is a Non-Profit Organization seeking tampon/sanitary napkin donations for various shelters and charities in need.

(Donation Dates:  November 1st – December 15th)  *Dates May Vary*

Coach Chi also sponsors other small businesses and 

donates to various shelters, charities and families in St. Louis, Missouri.