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Prize & Shine Presents!

Coach Chi is very passionate about her philanthropic purpose.  In celebration and acknowledgement of Coach Chi’s birthday (June 25th), she started Prize & Shine Presents - Christmas in June. It helps deserving young ladies (high school seniors) who have been accepted and are attending college. With cash donations (see GoFundMe page), we are able to help buy a laptop and other much needed necessities! 

 (Donation Dates:  April 1st – May 15th).  *Dates May Vary*

Operation Flow is a Non-Profit Organization seeking tampon/sanitary napkin donations for various shelters and charities in need 

(Donation Dates:  November 1st – December 15th)  *Dates May Vary*

Coach Chi also donates to various shelters, charities and families in St. Louis, Missouri.