About Coach Chi

Throughout her twenty years in the corporate world , Chiquita Anderson always craved more professionally. Going through the motions was a part of her pedigree; alive but not living. Although she knew she was more than just another person at a desk, she did not know what her purpose in life was, until the year 2016 opened her eyes. This would turn out to be the most tumultuous yet revealing of all times. The revelation of strength, courage and forgiveness all played major roles in the process of revealing, dealing and healing. Because of her powerful revelations, she is encouraging other women and so much more!

In addition to her B.S. and MBA in Business, she also obtained her Positive Psychology Certification from the Wholebeing Institute in May 2017.

Today, Chiquita Anderson (affectionately known as Coach Chi) is the Founder/CEO of Prize & Shine Life Coaching/Mentoring, LLC.

She is also the Founder/CEO of H.O.P.E. Career Academy, LLC (Helping Others Prepare for Employment).

H.O.P.E. Career Academy aids men and women who seek the necessary tools for finding employment and/or career advancement. This program assists with resume writing, interviewing etiquette, professional attire and 'the follow up' process (see Career Coaching packages under Services & Prices).

Coach Chi is also the mastermind behind The EmpowHER Apparel Collection, LLC.  These trendy designs are used to empower teens girls and women through fashion and can currently be found on t-shirts and hoodies (see The EmpowHER Apparel Collection tab to order)!

Coach Chi is also the author of up and coming book 'Success In Landing A Job: A Four Step Interview

Preparation Guide!'  

Release will be Fall 2020.

She's also a podcast host and female voice for The Gender Project. This entertaining podcast/YouTube channel helps bridge gaps between men and women while decreasing traditional stereotypes that stunt relationship growth.  Listen via iTunes, Spotify or watch via YouTube!  We can also be found on iHeart Radio's podcast roster!



 She loves to cook, dance, travel, model and spend time with loved ones!

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